Culture transforms a derelict building in Visaginas : 

In the windows of a former school opened photography exhibition

An abandoned school building in Visaginas,

which for more than a ten years has not

heard the voices of children in the classrooms

or the noise in the corridors, and which has

not seen the light of day through the covered

windows, has been reborn as an outdoor gallery.

Get to meet Visaginas people

National communities in Visaginas

Historically, more than 40 nationalities have lived in Visaginas since the founding of the city until now. We invite you to get acquainted with three of them: Ukrainian, Tatar and Russian communities.

Welcome to Visaginas

Visaginas is

Visaginas has long been Lithuania's most important nuclear power city, harmoniously woven into pine forests and surrounded by lakes, but always alive with the hustle and bustle of a city.

Visagino atominė elektrinė Paveikslas